Boomba Wing RIsers

Image of Boomba Wing RIsers


These are the Boomba Wing Risers. These make for a great add-on for those who want to improve both the styling and downforce of their vehicle. These risers have been CNC machined from high-grade aircraft grade billet aluminum to ensure for extra durability, and feature o-rings on the hatch mounting side to help keep out dirt and moisture.

Boomba has tested and engineered this entire kit to make sure that it is sturdy at highway speeds, and it has stood up to the test of touch car washes, The lift of the wing also helps with clearing rain and dirt off the rear window by re-directing air travel down and across the rear glass.

Installation is considered to be simple as it is a bolt-on component with no extra drilling or modification required to the hatch or spoiler of the car. All mounting hardware will be included and will come either zinc plated or black oxide coated for extra protection against corrosion.