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mountune mTune Ford Focus ST 2013-2015


The mTune features preloaded mountune developed ecu calibration engineered to add maximum reliable performance to your Focus ST when equipped with specific mountune performance parts.

This option is for customers who wish to upgrade to MP275 using an mTune and already have the mountune induction upgrade kit (Part number 2363-CAIS-AA/AB) and mountune Intercooler upgrade (2363-IC-AA/AB). Additionally, specific installation procedures must be followed to maintain your vehicle warranty. See warranty tab for details.

Specifically designed as a “calibration” or “MAP” portal, the mTune will allow customers to experience mountune “MP” performance upgrades. Additionally, customers worldwide wishing to upgrade to the mountune “MR” performance range will also have easy access to mountune’s stable and proven performance ECU calibrations when combined with mountune performance components.

mTune Features:

• ECU performance calibration transfer

• In-field calibration updates

• 0-60 times

• ¼ mile times

• Monitor 6 OBD channels

• Adjustable shift light

• Full data logging

• DTC reading / clearing

• Soft touch rear

• LCD screen

• Lanyard pin

• Removable faceplates

• Ambient light sensor

Each mTune is supplied with: • Holster with t-slot mounting • OBD and USB connection cables • Carbon fiber effect faceplate • zip-up case