Radium Engineering Port Injection Kit


Radium's Port Injection Kit (PIK) is comprised of two main components, the spacer plate and the fuel rail. Each of these components is CNC machined from aluminum and anodized for an attractive finish that resists E85. The 25mm thick spacer plate is precisely designed to not interrupt the air flow as it transitions from the intake manifold runners to the intake ports. The passages in the spacer plate are carefully machined to port match the intake port and the intake manifold, eliminating any airflow disruptions. A 'knife-edged" port divider is also machined into the spacer plate, improving on the blunt divider machined in the cylinder head.

- Comes with a kit that includes the PIK adapter plate, custom fuel rail mounting hardware, and OEM Ford gaskets
- Stainless steel dowels are pressed into the adapter plate to make alignment during installation easier
- Compatible with all fuel types including popular alcoholic mixture such as E85